Advance Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD) Market

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ADAS and Autonomous OEM Vehicles

  • OEM Passenger Cars Sales Database
  • OEM Light Commercial Vehicles Sales Database
  • OEM PC Sales By Levels of Automation – Level 1 to Level 5 Sales and Penetration Database by Region/Country-level Analysis
  • Level 1 & 2 OEM Vehicles Models and Sales Database
  • Level 3 & above OEM Vehicles Sales Estimation
  • OEM Partnerships with Tier 1s, Technology Players, Tech Giants
  • OEM Funding Database in Autonomous Driving Industry

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Robotic Vehicles

  • Robotic vehicles – Autonomous Shuttles, PODs, and Robotaxis Sales Estimation and Forecast
  • Level 4/5 Robotic Vehicle Sales Database
  • Robotic Vehicles as a Shared Mobility Service Market
  • Different Entry Points for OEMs to develop and market Level 4/5 Vehicles
  • Partnership Mapping between Shared Mobility Players, Technology Players, and Robotic Vehicle Manufacturers

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Image Viewing, 3D Sensing, and Processors

  • Image Sensors Market for ADAS and Autonomous Driving – Sales, Revenue, and ASP
  • Image Processors Market for ADAS and Autonomous Driving – Revenue and ASP
  • Camera Technologies for Autonomous Driving – Rear View Camera, Surround View Camera, Forward ADAS (mono, stereo,triple), Side-mirror Replacement Camera, Thermal Camera (IR/NIR/Night Vision), Gesture Recognition Camera, Driver Monitoring System (DMS), Dash Cam/Blackbox
  • Camera Components Market Analysis – Optics, Laser, Processors, and so on
  • Camera Market by Levels of Automation
  • Image Sensors Manufacturers, Vision Processor Manufacturers, Optics Players, Tier 1 Companies, Computer Vision Software Players, 3D Imaging System Players, and OEM Partnership Mapping
  • Market Share Analysis of Image Sensors Manufacturers and Vision Processors Manufacturers
  • Aftermarket Camera Players Analysis (special focus on Driver Monitoring Camera Players and Dash Cam Players)

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LiDAR for Autonomous Driving

  • LiDAR Market for ADAS and Autonomous Driving – Sales, Revenue, and ASP
  • LiDAR Technologies Analysis – Mechanical Scanning, Solid-state, OPA, MEMS, Flash, Risley Prism, Micro-motion, and other new technologies
  • Emitter Technologies – VCSEL, EEL
  • Photodiode Technologies – APD, SiPM
  • LiDAR Manufacturers, Emitter Players Analysis, Photodiode Players Analysis
  • Partnership Mapping – LiDAR Players, Emitter Players, PD Players, OEMs, Robotic Vehicle Companies, Tier 1s, and other Technology Players

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Radar Sensing for Autonomous Driving

  • Radar Market for ADAS and Autonomous Driving – Sales, Revenue, and ASP
  • Radar Technologies – Short Range Radar, Medium Range Radar, and Long Range Radar
  • Radar Sensor Manufacturers, System Integrator, Tier 1s, OEMs, and Robotic Vehicle Companies Partnership Mapping and Analysis

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Autonomous Driving Supporting Technologies

  • Artificial Intelligence for AV Industry
  • AV Testing and Evaluation Market
  • Electric Vehicles Market
  • Connected Vehicles and Telematics Market
  • High Precision GNSS and Correction Services Market
  • HD Mapping and Navigation Market
  • Annotation Market
  • Autonomous and Connected Vehicle Cyber Security Market
  • Intelligent Transportation System Market
  • Telematics and Infotainment Market

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ADAS and Autonomous Driving
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