Miniaturization of Electronic Devices – Urged the Need for Low Power Consumption

Miniaturization of Electronic Devices – Urged the Need for Low Power Consumption

The miniaturization of electronic devices and advent of micro-electronic components has urged the need for low power consumption, light weight power source, low-cost and compact features. Since, today, batteries are the dominant energy source for majority of electronic devices and the industry has recorded tremendous market growth in terms of sales. Even with respect to the technological advancement and increase in the battery density, the market progressed three times over past decade. However, due to certain factors such as size, cost and periodic maintenance, the need for alternative and continuous power source has arrived after prolonged research and investigations. Energy Harvesting (EH) has come up as the best solution to overcome these challenges.

EH has been in usage since decades, but at macro level and the market today is quite matured; however, developing micro-level EH powered devices has revolutionized the entire industry ecosystem.

Scavenging and storing the micro scale energy from ambient sources such as motion, vibration, solar, thermal, RF and others and enabling the unending power supply to the electronic devices is something the industry was waiting for. The ultra-low-power MCUs have enabled the current wearable devices to increase the battery life by almost 50%. If a general MCU available in the market which is used in a wearable device offers a battery life of around 10 days, the ultra-low-power MCU would increase the devices battery life to almost 21 days.

Wearable devices, medical devices, and smart home devices manufacturers are still working on developing low-power devices which will use min power to run the device and have long lasting battery. Such companies are still working on how to integrate low power MCUs in their platform. So energy harvesting concept will still require almost 3 – 4 years to have mass production and adoption by the consumers.

M14 Intelligence has analyzed the Low Power MCU market along with the connectivity solutions, regional market analysis and the various challenges & opportunities. The research is the result of massive response from microcontroller organizations & startups.

The global study of low power energy harvesting MCUs market is a more than 200 pages report targeting the analysis of low and ultra-low power MCUs in various applications. This is the only, most updated and precise research study you can find in the market right now which focuses on low power MCUs and ultra-low power MCUs that are or can be used in energy harvesting applications. The major application markets that are covered in this report are wearable devices, smart homes, healthcare and medical devices, precision agriculture, industrial, IoT, sensor network, security network, and sensor hub applications.

Read more on low and ultra-low power microcontrollers market especially for energy harvesting applications and devices.

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