Strategic Benchmarking

Rate yourself in relation to your competitor’s performance

M14 Intelligence helps customers with the right set of information to evaluate your performance metrics in relation to your peers in the industry. Our professional experts develop set of performance evaluation parameters such as top management capabilities, competitive priorities, strategic developments, and product differentiation. With our expertise in the industry we will help you with the analyzing the data, identifying the gaps, root cause analysis, and defining the improvement goals. Below are our 4 major strategic benchmarking services


Competitive Benchmarking

Competitive benchmarking helps you know why your peer are doing well in the business. We help your with the right set of performance parameters and developing SWOT analysis.

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Revenue and Sales Mapping
  • Technological Differentiation
  • Vendors and Suppliers Mapping
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Strategic Developments Benchmarking

Strategic Developments Benchmarking offers the customers with development strategies adopted by their competitors, reasons behind such developments, and impact of such developments on the company in future.

  • Inorganic development strategies
  • Organic development strategies
  • Geographic footprints
  • Future development strategies
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Product Differentiation Benchmarking

Your product has all that it needs however your competitors are still doing, let us help you with detailed analysis of your competitor’s product specification, development procedures, and R&D expenses.

  • Product specification
  • Suppliers information
  • Vendors information
  • Pricing strategy
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Organizational Capabilities Benchmarking

Organization structure, top management capabilities, and their vision is what makes a company successful in long run. Evaluate your company with an external view and know how you can do better.

  • Geographic reach
  • Top management capabilities
  • Technological lead
  • Employee management strategy
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